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wealth transfer & Estate Planning

As your financial planning needs evolve, you want to take advantage of opportunities at every stage of your life.


Life insurance as an asset class can help you maximize wealth transfer goals by using an uncorrelated asset to enhance the transfer of wealth.

The protection of your assets and wealth for current and future generations through comprehensive planning is an important priority in estate planning.


Our volatile and shifting tax and legal environment means that having a planner who understands the impact on you and your family is critical. We have experience with large and complicated planning scenarios and will work with you to ensure the best possible outcomes.


The power behind the most successful strategies lies in working with someone who understands you and your unique situation, and can identify and access the right products and strategies.


At Curtis & Associates we view ourselves as problem-solvers as opposed to product-pushers.


We do not sell proprietary products, which means we are not influenced by a preconceived solution.  


Our carrier relationships are second to none, offering the choice and diversity of product offerings that lets us select the strategy and solution that works for your goals.

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