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When Tom Curtis laid the foundation for an insurance and investment advisory practice, he understood the importance of the community as a whole, and the direct relationship that the growth and prosperity of families and businesses in the community shared.


Over 50 years later and Curtis & Associates continues to serve Kansas City and beyond by building on that understanding and the ability to seek value for the ever-changing needs of communities.


Now a privately owned, second-generation firm located in Mission, current owners Jeff Curtis, Gerald Rappold and Mike Kimbell have expanded upon that early foundation.

Curtis & Associates is proud to be a Firm of Lion Street, Inc., a leading national financial services company owned by fiercely independent financial advisors. Based in Austin, Texas, Lion Street comprises an elite network of Firms who specialize in financial solutions for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, business owners and corporate clients. Lion Street Firms gain favored access to insurance carriers and financial institutions, and the products and services they offer, enhancing our ability to meet the complex planning requirements of our clients.


They have added to the company’s services to include a more comprehensive approach to financial planning and risk management for families and businesses.


Along with the foundation of Employee Benefits and Financial Planning Services, it’s newest division, Property and Casualty continues to grow.


The firm’s dedication and devotion to its clients has proven pivotal to it’s success over the past 50 years, with the hope of 50 more years to come. 

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